Beyond my passion for design, I enjoy all kinds of music and the emotions it conveys. This facet allows me to provide creative and meaningful solutions to my projects. Detail-oriented and professional are the terms that define me.

four things  you didn’t know about me:

  • I´m styding a degree of Design and Creative Tecnologies in Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).
  • I have been working the summer’s since I was 16 years old as a waitress to help my family to pay for my studies. That menas that I´m a very determinated person, if i want to do something i will work hard to archieve it.
  • I would also like to mention that I really enjoy drawing, and it’s how I got into the world of design. I’ll leave the Instagram where I upload some illustrations. I’ll leave the Instagram where I upload illustrations, if you want to check it out.
  • What interests me the most about design is branding, packaging and editorial.